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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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txXMLEventHandler.h File Reference
#include "txCore.h"
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class  txAXMLEventHandler
 An interface for handling XML documents, loosely modeled after Dave Megginson's SAX 1.0 API. More...
class  txAOutputXMLEventHandler
class  txAOutputHandlerFactory
 Interface used to create the appropriate outputhandler. More...


#define kTXNameSpaceURI   ""
#define kTXWrapper   "transformiix:result"
#define TX_DECL_TXAOUTPUTXMLEVENTHANDLER   virtual void getOutputDocument(nsIDOMDocument** aDocument);

Define Documentation

#define kTXNameSpaceURI   ""

Definition at line 49 of file txXMLEventHandler.h.

#define kTXWrapper   "transformiix:result"

Definition at line 50 of file txXMLEventHandler.h.

nsresult createHandlerWith(txOutputFormat* aFormat,        \
                               txAXMLEventHandler** aHandler); \
    nsresult createHandlerWith(txOutputFormat* aFormat,        \
                               const nsAString& aName,         \
                               PRInt32 aNsID,                  \
                               txAXMLEventHandler** aHandler);

Definition at line 194 of file txXMLEventHandler.h.

#define TX_DECL_TXAOUTPUTXMLEVENTHANDLER   virtual void getOutputDocument(nsIDOMDocument** aDocument);

Definition at line 158 of file txXMLEventHandler.h.

virtual void attribute(const nsAString& aName, const PRInt32 aNsID,     \
                           const nsAString& aValue);                        \
    virtual void characters(const nsAString& aData, PRBool aDOE);           \
    virtual void comment(const nsAString& aData);                           \
    virtual void endDocument(nsresult aResult = NS_OK);                     \
    virtual void endElement(const nsAString& aName, const PRInt32 aNsID);   \
    virtual void processingInstruction(const nsAString& aTarget,            \
                                       const nsAString& aData);             \
    virtual void startDocument();                                           \
    virtual void startElement(const nsAString& aName, const PRInt32 aNsID);

Definition at line 130 of file txXMLEventHandler.h.