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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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txStringUtils.cpp File Reference
#include "txStringUtils.h"
#include "nsDependentString.h"

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class  ConvertToLowerCase
 A character sink for case conversion. More...
class  CopyToLowerCase
 A character sink for copying with case conversion. More...


void TX_ToLowerCase (nsAString &aString)
void TX_ToLowerCase (const nsAString &aSource, nsAString &aDest)

Function Documentation

void TX_ToLowerCase ( nsAString &  aString)

Definition at line 103 of file txStringUtils.cpp.

  nsAString::iterator fromBegin, fromEnd;
  ConvertToLowerCase converter;
  copy_string(aString.BeginWriting(fromBegin), aString.EndWriting(fromEnd),

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void TX_ToLowerCase ( const nsAString &  aSource,
nsAString &  aDest 

Definition at line 145 of file txStringUtils.cpp.

  nsAString::const_iterator fromBegin, fromEnd;
  nsAString::iterator toBegin;
  if (!EnsureStringLength(aDest, aSource.Length()))
    return; // XXX no way to signal out-of-memory
  CopyToLowerCase converter(aDest.BeginWriting(toBegin));
  copy_string(aSource.BeginReading(fromBegin), aSource.EndReading(fromEnd),

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