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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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txAtoms.h File Reference
#include "txXPathAtomList.h"
#include "txXSLTAtomList.h"
#include "txHTMLAtomList.h"
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class  txXMLAtoms
class  txXPathAtoms
class  txXSLTAtoms
class  txHTMLAtoms


#define XML_ATOMS
#define TX_ATOM(_name, _value)   static nsIAtom* _name;

Define Documentation

#define TX_ATOM (   _name,
)    static nsIAtom* _name;

Definition at line 63 of file txAtoms.h.

TX_ATOM(_empty, "")           \
TX_ATOM(base, "base")         \
TX_ATOM(_default, "default")  \
TX_ATOM(lang, "lang")         \
TX_ATOM(preserve, "preserve") \
TX_ATOM(space, "space")       \
TX_ATOM(xml, "xml")           \
TX_ATOM(xmlns, "xmlns")

Definition at line 53 of file txAtoms.h.