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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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profile.h File Reference
#include "script.h"
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#define PROFILE_NUMERIC_PREFIX   "_true_numeric_value_"
#define SECTION_OPTIONS   "Options"
#define KEY_FIRST   "first"
#define KEY_LAST   "last"
#define KEY_REPETITIONS   "repetitions"
#define KEY_ACTION   "APICall"
#define KEY_ARG1   "arg1"
#define KEY_ARG2   "arg2"
#define KEY_ARG3   "arg3"
#define KEY_ARG4   "arg4"
#define KEY_ARG5   "arg5"
#define KEY_ARG6   "arg6"
#define KEY_ARG7   "arg7"
#define KEY_DELAY   "delay"
#define KEY_WIDTH   "width"
#define KEY_HEIGHT   "height"
#define KEY_TOP   "top"
#define KEY_BOTTOM   "bottom"
#define KEY_LEFT   "left"
#define KEY_RIGHT   "right"
#define ENTRY_TRUE   "TRUE"


ScriptItemStructreadProfileSectionAndCreateScriptItemStruct (LPSTR szFileName, LPSTR szSection)

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#define ENTRY_TRUE   "TRUE"

Definition at line 70 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ACTION   "APICall"

Definition at line 53 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG1   "arg1"

Definition at line 54 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG2   "arg2"

Definition at line 55 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG3   "arg3"

Definition at line 56 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG4   "arg4"

Definition at line 57 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG5   "arg5"

Definition at line 58 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG6   "arg6"

Definition at line 59 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_ARG7   "arg7"

Definition at line 60 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_BOTTOM   "bottom"

Definition at line 66 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_DELAY   "delay"

Definition at line 61 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_FIRST   "first"

Definition at line 49 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_HEIGHT   "height"

Definition at line 64 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_LAST   "last"

Definition at line 50 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_LEFT   "left"

Definition at line 67 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_REPETITIONS   "repetitions"

Definition at line 51 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_RIGHT   "right"

Definition at line 68 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_TOP   "top"

Definition at line 65 of file profile.h.

#define KEY_WIDTH   "width"

Definition at line 63 of file profile.h.

Definition at line 45 of file profile.h.

#define PROFILE_NUMERIC_PREFIX   "_true_numeric_value_"

Definition at line 46 of file profile.h.

#define SECTION_OPTIONS   "Options"

Definition at line 48 of file profile.h.

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Definition at line 60 of file profile.cpp.

  char szString[256];

  XP_GetPrivateProfileString(szSection, KEY_ACTION, szDefaultString, szString, sizeof(szString), szFileName);

  if(strcmp(szString, szDefaultString) == 0)
    return NULL;

  ScriptItemStruct * psis = NULL;

  const int iSize = 256;

  char sz1[iSize];
  char sz2[iSize];
  char sz3[iSize];
  char sz4[iSize];
  char sz5[iSize];
  char sz6[iSize];
  char sz7[iSize];

  getAllArgStrings(szFileName, szSection, sz1,sz2,sz3,sz4,sz5,sz6,sz7,iSize);

  DWORD dw1 = (DWORD)&sz1[0];
  DWORD dw2 = (DWORD)&sz2[0];
  DWORD dw3 = (DWORD)&sz3[0];
  DWORD dw4 = (DWORD)&sz4[0];
  DWORD dw5 = (DWORD)&sz5[0];
  DWORD dw6 = (DWORD)&sz6[0];
  DWORD dw7 = (DWORD)&sz7[0];

  char szDelay[32];
  XP_GetPrivateProfileString(szSection, KEY_DELAY, "0", szDelay, sizeof(szDelay), szFileName);
  DWORD dwDelay = (DWORD)atol(szDelay);

  if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_VERSION) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_version, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_GETURL) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_get_url, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_GETURLNOTIFY) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_get_url_notify, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_POSTURL) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_post_url, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_POSTURLNOTIFY) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_post_url_notify, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_NEWSTREAM) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_new_stream, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_DESTROYSTREAM) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_destroy_stream, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_REQUESTREAD) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_request_read, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_WRITE) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_write, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_STATUS) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_status, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_USERAGENT) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_user_agent, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_MEMALLOC) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_mem_alloc, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_MEMFREE) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_mem_free, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_MEMFLUSH) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_mem_flush, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_RELOADPLUGINS) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_reload_plugins, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_GETJAVAENV) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_get_java_env, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_GETJAVAPEER) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_get_java_peer, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_GETVALUE) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_get_value, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_SETVALUE) == 0)
    dw4 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_WIDTH, 0, szFileName);
    dw5 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_HEIGHT, 0, szFileName);
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_set_value, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_INVALIDATERECT) == 0)
    dw3 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_TOP, 0, szFileName);
    dw4 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_LEFT, 0, szFileName);
    dw5 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_BOTTOM, 0, szFileName);
    dw6 = (DWORD)XP_GetPrivateProfileInt(szSection, KEY_RIGHT, 0, szFileName);
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_invalidate_rect, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_INVALIDATEREGION) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_invalidate_region, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);
  else if(strcmp(szString, STRING_NPN_FORCEREDRAW) == 0)
    psis = makeScriptItemStruct(action_npn_force_redraw, dw1,dw2,dw3,dw4,dw5,dw6,dw7,dwDelay);

  return psis;

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