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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
jpeg_entropy_encoder Struct Reference

#include <jpegint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 JMETHOD (void, start_pass,(j_compress_ptr cinfo, boolean gather_statistics))
 JMETHOD (boolean, encode_mcu,(j_compress_ptr cinfo, JBLOCKROW *MCU_data))
 JMETHOD (void, finish_pass,(j_compress_ptr cinfo))

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file jpegint.h.

Member Function Documentation

jpeg_entropy_encoder::JMETHOD ( void  ,
start_pass  ,
(j_compress_ptr cinfo, boolean gather_statistics)   
jpeg_entropy_encoder::JMETHOD ( boolean  ,
encode_mcu  ,
(j_compress_ptr cinfo, JBLOCKROW *MCU_data)   
jpeg_entropy_encoder::JMETHOD ( void  ,
finish_pass  ,
(j_compress_ptr cinfo)   

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