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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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Mozilla.XPCOM.TypeInfo.TypeDescriptor Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()
bool IsScalar ()
Type AsCLRType ()

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator TypeDescriptor (XPTType t)

Public Attributes

TypeFlags flags
TypeTag tag
byte arg1
byte arg2
UInt16 arg3

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file typeinfo.cs.

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 105 of file typeinfo.cs.

            switch (tag) {
            case TypeTag.Int8:
                return typeof(sbyte);
            case TypeTag.Int16:
                return typeof(Int16);
            case TypeTag.Int32:
                return typeof(Int32);
            case TypeTag.Int64:
                return typeof(Int64);

            case TypeTag.UInt8:
                return typeof(byte);
            case TypeTag.UInt16:
                return typeof(UInt16);
            case TypeTag.UInt32:
                return typeof(UInt32);
            case TypeTag.UInt64:
                return typeof(UInt64);

            case TypeTag.Float:
                return typeof(Single);
            case TypeTag.Double:
                return typeof(Double);
            case TypeTag.Bool:
                return typeof(bool);

            case TypeTag.String:
                return typeof(string);
            case TypeTag.WString:
                return typeof(string);

            case TypeTag.Interface:
                return typeof(object);
            case TypeTag.InterfaceIs:
                return typeof(object);

            case TypeTag.Char:
                return typeof(byte);
            case TypeTag.WChar:
                return typeof(char);

            case TypeTag.NSIdPtr:
                return Type.GetType("System.Guid&");
                // return typeof(Guid).MakeByRefType(); NET_2_0

                string msg = String.Format("type {0} not yet supported ",
                throw new Exception(msg);

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Definition at line 85 of file typeinfo.cs.

            if (tag <= TypeTag.WChar ||
                tag == TypeTag.String || tag == TypeTag.WString) {
                return true;
            return false;
static implicit Mozilla.XPCOM.TypeInfo.TypeDescriptor.operator TypeDescriptor ( XPTType  t) [inline, static]

Definition at line 94 of file typeinfo.cs.

            TypeDescriptor td = new TypeInfo.TypeDescriptor();
            td.flags = (TypeFlags)(t.prefix & XPTType.FlagMask);
            td.tag = (TypeTag)(t.prefix & XPTType.TagMask);
            td.arg1 = t.arg1;
            td.arg2 = t.arg2;
            td.arg3 = t.arg3;
            return td;

Definition at line 76 of file typeinfo.cs.

            string res = String.Empty;
            if ((Int32)flags != 0)
                res = "[" + flags.ToString() + "]";
            res += tag.ToString();
            return res;

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 72 of file typeinfo.cs.

Definition at line 73 of file typeinfo.cs.

Definition at line 74 of file typeinfo.cs.

Definition at line 70 of file typeinfo.cs.

Definition at line 71 of file typeinfo.cs.

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