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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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rcnetdb.h File Reference
#include "rclock.h"
#include "rcbase.h"
#include <prnetdb.h>
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class  RCHostLookup


class PR_IMPLEMENT (RCNetAddr)

Function Documentation

class PR_IMPLEMENT ( RCNetAddr  )

Definition at line 51 of file rcnetdb.h.

                             : public RCBase
    typedef enum {
        any = PR_IpAddrAny,             /* assign logical INADDR_ANY */
        loopback = PR_IpAddrLoopback    /* assign logical INADDR_LOOPBACK */
    } HostValue;

    RCNetAddr();                        /* default constructor is unit'd object */
    RCNetAddr(const RCNetAddr&);        /* copy constructor */
    RCNetAddr(HostValue, PRUint16 port);/* init'd w/ 'special' assignments */
    RCNetAddr(const RCNetAddr&, PRUint16 port);
                                        /* copy w/ port reassigment */

    virtual ~RCNetAddr();

    void operator=(const RCNetAddr&);

    virtual PRBool operator==(const RCNetAddr&) const;
                                        /* compare of all relavent fields */
    virtual PRBool EqualHost(const RCNetAddr&) const;
                                        /* compare of just host field */


    void operator=(const PRNetAddr*);   /* construction from more primitive data */
    operator const PRNetAddr*() const;  /* extraction of underlying representation */
    virtual PRStatus FromString(const char* string);
                                        /* initialization from an ASCII string */
    virtual PRStatus ToString(char *string, PRSize size) const;
                                        /* convert internal fromat to a string */


    PRNetAddr address;

};  /* RCNetAddr */

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