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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
rcinrval.h File Reference
#include "rcbase.h"
#include <prinrval.h>
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class PR_IMPLEMENT (RCInterval)

Function Documentation

class PR_IMPLEMENT ( RCInterval  )

Definition at line 53 of file rcinrval.h.

                              : public RCBase
    typedef enum {now, no_timeout, no_wait} RCReservedInterval;

    virtual ~RCInterval();


    RCInterval(PRIntervalTime interval);
    RCInterval(const RCInterval& copy);
    RCInterval(RCReservedInterval special);

    void SetToNow();

    void operator=(const RCInterval&);
    void operator=(PRIntervalTime interval);

    PRBool operator<(const RCInterval&);
    PRBool operator>(const RCInterval&);
    PRBool operator==(const RCInterval&);
    PRBool operator>=(const RCInterval&);
    PRBool operator<=(const RCInterval&);

    RCInterval operator+(const RCInterval&);
    RCInterval operator-(const RCInterval&);
    RCInterval& operator+=(const RCInterval&);
    RCInterval& operator-=(const RCInterval&);

    RCInterval operator/(PRUint32);
    RCInterval operator*(PRUint32);
    RCInterval& operator/=(PRUint32);
    RCInterval& operator*=(PRUint32);

    PRUint32 ToSeconds() const;
    PRUint32 ToMilliseconds() const;
    PRUint32 ToMicroseconds() const;
    operator PRIntervalTime() const;

    static PRIntervalTime FromSeconds(PRUint32 seconds);
    static PRIntervalTime FromMilliseconds(PRUint32 milli);
    static PRIntervalTime FromMicroseconds(PRUint32 micro);

    friend class RCCondition;

    PRIntervalTime interval;
};  /* RCInterval */

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