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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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IBrowserFrameGlue.h File Reference
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struct  IBrowserFrameGlue




typedef IBrowserFrameGluePBROWSERFRAMEGLUE

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public:       \
              virtual void UpdateStatusBarText(const PRUnichar *aMessage);   \
              virtual void UpdateProgress(PRInt32 aCurrent, PRInt32 aMax);   \
              virtual void UpdateBusyState(PRBool aBusy);                                         \
              virtual void UpdateCurrentURI(nsIURI *aLocation);                            \
              virtual PRBool CreateNewBrowserFrame(PRUint32 chromeMask, PRInt32 x, PRInt32 y, PRInt32 cx, PRInt32 cy, nsIWebBrowser** aWebBrowser);       \
              virtual void DestroyBrowserFrame();                                                 \
              virtual void GetBrowserFrameTitle(PRUnichar **aTitle);  \
              virtual void SetBrowserFrameTitle(const PRUnichar *aTitle);    \
              virtual void GetBrowserFramePosition(PRInt32 *aX, PRInt32 *aY);       \
              virtual void SetBrowserFramePosition(PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY);  \
              virtual void GetBrowserFrameSize(PRInt32 *aCX, PRInt32 *aCY);  \
              virtual void SetBrowserFrameSize(PRInt32 aCX, PRInt32 aCY);           \
              virtual void GetBrowserFramePositionAndSize(PRInt32 *aX, PRInt32 *aY, PRInt32 *aCX, PRInt32 *aCY);       \
              virtual void SetBrowserFramePositionAndSize(PRInt32 aX, PRInt32 aY, PRInt32 aCX, PRInt32 aCY, PRBool fRepaint); \
              virtual void ShowBrowserFrame(PRBool aShow);                                 \
              virtual void SetFocus();                                                                   \
              virtual void FocusAvailable(PRBool *aFocusAvail);                            \
              virtual void GetBrowserFrameVisibility(PRBool *aVisible);             \
              virtual void ShowContextMenu(PRUint32 aContextFlags, nsIDOMNode *aNode); \
        virtual void ShowTooltip(PRInt32 aXCoords, PRInt32 aYCoords, const PRUnichar *aTipText); \
        virtual void HideTooltip(); \
              virtual HWND GetBrowserFrameNativeWnd();

Definition at line 90 of file IBrowserFrameGlue.h.

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Definition at line 114 of file IBrowserFrameGlue.h.