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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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prinit.h File Reference
#include "prthread.h"
#include "prtypes.h"
#include "prwin16.h"
#include <stdio.h>

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struct  PRCallOnceType


#define PR_NAME   "NSPR"
#define PR_VERSION   "4.6.8"
#define PR_VMAJOR   4
#define PR_VMINOR   6
#define PR_VPATCH   8
#define PR_BETA   PR_FALSE


typedef PRBool(* PRVersionCheck )(const char *)
typedef PRIntn(PR_CALLBACKPRPrimordialFn )(PRIntn argc, char **argv)
typedef struct PRCallOnceType PRCallOnceType
typedef PRStatus(PR_CALLBACKPRCallOnceFN )(void)
typedef PRStatus(PR_CALLBACKPRCallOnceWithArgFN )(void *arg)


 NSPR_API (PRBool) PR_VersionCheck(const char *importedVersion)
 NSPR_API (void) PR_Init(PRThreadType type
 Prototypes for machine dependent function implementations.
 NSPR_API (PRIntn) PR_Initialize(PRPrimordialFn prmain
 NSPR_API (PRStatus) PR_Cleanup(void)


PRThreadPriority priority
PRThreadPriority PRUintn maxPTDs
PRIntn argc
PRIntn char ** argv
PRIntn high
PRCallOnceFN func
PRCallOnceWithArgFN voidarg

Class Documentation

struct PRCallOnceType

Definition at line 218 of file prinit.h.

Class Members
PRIntn initialized
PRInt32 inProgress
PRStatus status

Define Documentation

Definition at line 70 of file prinit.h.

#define PR_NAME   "NSPR"

Definition at line 56 of file prinit.h.

#define PR_VERSION   "4.6.8"

Definition at line 66 of file prinit.h.

#define PR_VMAJOR   4

Definition at line 67 of file prinit.h.

#define PR_VMINOR   6

Definition at line 68 of file prinit.h.

#define PR_VPATCH   8

Definition at line 69 of file prinit.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 224 of file prinit.h.

Definition at line 226 of file prinit.h.

typedef PRIntn(PR_CALLBACK * PRPrimordialFn)(PRIntn argc, char **argv)

Definition at line 132 of file prinit.h.

typedef PRBool(* PRVersionCheck)(const char *)

Definition at line 88 of file prinit.h.

Function Documentation

NSPR_API ( PRBool  ) const
NSPR_API ( void  )

Prototypes for machine dependent function implementations.

(Too bad NSPR's MD system blows so much that we have to reiterate every stinking thing we implement here in our MD header file.)

NSPR_API ( PRIntn  )

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 235 of file prinit.h.

PRIntn argc

Definition at line 135 of file prinit.h.

PRIntn char** argv

Definition at line 135 of file prinit.h.

Definition at line 231 of file prinit.h.

PRIntn high

Definition at line 194 of file prinit.h.

PRIntn char PRUintn maxPTDs

Definition at line 112 of file prinit.h.

Definition at line 112 of file prinit.h.