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nsUnicodeToThaiTTF.cpp File Reference
#include "nsMemory.h"
#include "nsUnicodeToThaiTTF.h"

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static const PRUnichar gTIS620ToUnicode []

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
    0xf700, 0xf701, 0xf702, 0xf703, 0xf704, 0x2026, 0xf705, 0xf706,
    0xf707, 0xf708, 0xf709, 0xf70a, 0xf70b, 0xf70c, 0xf70d, 0xf70e,
    0xf70f, 0x2018, 0x2019, 0x201c, 0x201d, 0x2022, 0x2013, 0x2014,
    0xf710, 0xf711, 0xf712, 0xf713, 0xf714, 0xf715, 0xf716, 0xf717,
    0x00a0, 0x0e01, 0x0e02, 0x0e03, 0x0e04, 0x0e05, 0x0e06, 0x0e07,
    0x0e08, 0x0e09, 0x0e0a, 0x0e0b, 0x0e0c, 0x0e0d, 0x0e0e, 0x0e0f,
    0x0e10, 0x0e11, 0x0e12, 0x0e13, 0x0e14, 0x0e15, 0x0e16, 0x0e17,
    0x0e18, 0x0e19, 0x0e1a, 0x0e1b, 0x0e1c, 0x0e1d, 0x0e1e, 0x0e1f,
    0x0e20, 0x0e21, 0x0e22, 0x0e23, 0x0e24, 0x0e25, 0x0e26, 0x0e27,
    0x0e28, 0x0e29, 0x0e2a, 0x0e2b, 0x0e2c, 0x0e2d, 0x0e2e, 0x0e2f,
    0x0e30, 0x0e31, 0x0e32, 0x0e33, 0x0e34, 0x0e35, 0x0e36, 0x0e37,
    0x0e38, 0x0e39, 0x0e3a,      0,      0,      0,      0, 0x0e3f,
    0x0e40, 0x0e41, 0x0e42, 0x0e43, 0x0e44, 0x0e45, 0x0e46, 0x0e47,
    0x0e48, 0x0e49, 0x0e4a, 0x0e4b, 0x0e4c, 0x0e4d, 0x0e4e, 0x0e4f,
    0x0e50, 0x0e51, 0x0e52, 0x0e53, 0x0e54, 0x0e55, 0x0e56, 0x0e57,
    0x0e58, 0x0e59, 0x0e5a, 0x0e5b, 0xf718, 0xf719, 0xf71a,      0

Definition at line 59 of file nsUnicodeToThaiTTF.cpp.