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nsUnicodeRange.cpp File Reference
#include "nsUnicodeRange.h"

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#define NUM_OF_SUBTABLES   9
#define SUBTABLE_SIZE   16
#define TERTIARY_TABLE_SIZE   ((0x1700 - 0x0700) / 0x80)


PRUint32 FindCharUnicodeRange (PRUnichar ch)


const char * gUnicodeRangeToLangGroupTable []
static PRUint8 gUnicodeSubrangeTable [NUM_OF_SUBTABLES][SUBTABLE_SIZE]
static PRUint8 gUnicodeTertiaryRangeTable [TERTIARY_TABLE_SIZE]

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#define TERTIARY_TABLE_SIZE   ((0x1700 - 0x0700) / 0x80)

Definition at line 386 of file nsUnicodeRange.cpp.

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Definition at line 432 of file nsUnicodeRange.cpp.

  PRUint32 range;

  //search the first table
  range = gUnicodeSubrangeTable[0][ch >> 12];
  if (range < kRangeTableBase)
    // we try to get a specific range 
    return range;

  // otherwise, we have one more table to look at
  range = gUnicodeSubrangeTable[range - kRangeTableBase][(ch & 0x0f00) >> 8];
  if (range < kRangeTableBase)
    return range;
  if (range < kRangeTertiaryTable)
    return gUnicodeSubrangeTable[range - kRangeTableBase][(ch & 0x00f0) >> 4];

  // Yet another table to look at : U+0700 - U+16FF : 128 code point blocks
  return gUnicodeTertiaryRangeTable[(ch - 0x0700) >> 7];

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