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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsTString.h File Reference
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class  nsTString_CharT
 This is the canonical null-terminated string class. More...
class  nsTFixedString_CharT
class  nsTAutoString_CharT
 nsTAutoString_CharT More...
class  nsTXPIDLString_CharT
 nsTXPIDLString extends nsTString such that: More...
class  nsTGetterCopies_CharT
 getter_Copies support for use with raw string out params: More...
class  nsTAdoptingString_CharT
 nsTAdoptingString extends nsTXPIDLString such that: More...


nsTGetterCopies_CharT getter_Copies (nsTXPIDLString_CharT &aString)

Function Documentation

Definition at line 669 of file nsTString.h.

    return nsTGetterCopies_CharT(aString);