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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsQuickSort.h File Reference
#include "prtypes.h"
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PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C PR_EXTERN (void) NS_QuickSort(void *


PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C unsigned int
unsigned int 

Function Documentation



Sets SecurityCotext for proxy env.

  1. the array to sort
    1. the number of elements in the array
    2. the size of each array element
    3. comparison function taking two elements and parameter #5 and returning an integer:
      • less than zero if the first element should be before the second
      • 0 if the order of the elements does not matter
      • greater than zero if the second element should be before the first
    4. extra data to pass to comparison function

Definition at line 972 of file irix.c.


        * the exit code of the process is the exit code of the primordial
        * sproc
       if (!_PR_IS_NATIVE_THREAD(me) && (_PR_MD_CURRENT_CPU()->id == 0)) {
               * primordial sproc case: call _exit directly
               * Cause SIGKILL to be sent to other sprocs
              prctl(PR_SETEXITSIG, SIGKILL);
       } else {
              int rv;
              char data;
              sigset_t set;

               * non-primordial sproc case: cause the primordial sproc, cpu 0,
               * to wakeup and call _exit
              _pr_irix_process_exit = 1;
              _pr_irix_process_exit_code = status;
              rv = write(_pr_irix_primoridal_cpu_fd[1], &data, 1);
              PR_ASSERT(rv == 1);
               * block all signals and wait for SIGKILL to terminate this sproc
               * this code doesn't (shouldn't) execute
              prctl(PR_SETEXITSIG, SIGKILL);

Variable Documentation

PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C unsigned unsigned int

Definition at line 61 of file nsQuickSort.h.

PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C unsigned unsigned int void

Definition at line 62 of file nsQuickSort.h.