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nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource.idl File Reference
#include "nsFont.h"
import "nsISVGGeometrySource.idl";
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struct  nsSVGCharacterPosition
interface  nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource
 Abstracts a description of a 'composite glyph' (character string with associated font and styling information) in the SVG rendering backend for use by a rendering engine's nsISVGRendererGlyphMetrics objects. More...


native nsFont (nsFont)
native nsSVGCharacterPosition (nsSVGCharacterPosition)

Class Documentation

struct nsSVGCharacterPosition

Definition at line 42 of file nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource.idl.

Class Members
float angle
PRBool draw
float x
float y

Function Documentation

native nsFont ( nsFont  )

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