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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsIMsgDatabase.idl File Reference
import "nsISupports.idl";
import "MailNewsTypes2.idl";
import "nsIDBChangeAnnouncer.idl";
import "nsIMsgDBView.idl";
#include "nsMsgKeyArray.h"

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interface  nsIMsgRetentionSettings
interface  nsIMsgDownloadSettings
interface  nsMsgDBCommitType
interface  nsIMsgDBService
interface  nsIMsgDatabase


typedef unsigned long nsMsgRetainByPreference
typedef long nsMsgDBCommit


native octetPtr (PRUint8)
native nsMsgKeyArrayRef (nsMsgKeyArray)
native nsMsgKeyArrayPtr (nsMsgKeyArray)

Class Documentation

interface nsMsgDBCommitType

Definition at line 99 of file nsIMsgDatabase.idl.

Class Members
const long kCompressCommit
const long kLargeCommit
const long kSessionCommit
const long kSmallCommit

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 93 of file nsIMsgDatabase.idl.

typedef unsigned long nsMsgRetainByPreference

Definition at line 61 of file nsIMsgDatabase.idl.

Function Documentation

native nsMsgKeyArrayPtr ( nsMsgKeyArray  )
native nsMsgKeyArrayRef ( nsMsgKeyArray  )
native octetPtr ( PRUint8  )