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nsHTMLFrameSetElement.cpp File Reference
#include "nsIDOMHTMLFrameSetElement.h"
#include "nsIDOMEventReceiver.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"
#include "nsHTMLAtoms.h"
#include "nsStyleConsts.h"
#include "nsPresContext.h"
#include "nsIFrameSetElement.h"
#include "nsIHTMLDocument.h"
#include "nsIDocument.h"

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class  nsHTMLFrameSetElement



Function Documentation

Definition at line 137 of file nsHTMLFrameSetElement.cpp.

  nsresult rv;
  /* The main goal here is to see whether the _number_ of rows or
   *  columns has changed.  If it has, we need to reframe; otherwise
   *  we want to reflow.  So we set mCurrentRowColHint here, then call
   *  nsGenericHTMLElement::SetAttr, which will end up calling
   *  GetAttributeChangeHint and notifying layout with that hint.
   *  Once nsGenericHTMLElement::SetAttr returns, we want to go back to our
   *  normal hint, which is NS_STYLE_HINT_REFLOW.
  if (aAttribute == nsHTMLAtoms::rows && aNameSpaceID == kNameSpaceID_None) {
    PRInt32 oldRows = mNumRows;
    ParseRowCol(aValue, mNumRows, getter_Transfers(mRowSpecs));
    if (mNumRows != oldRows) {
      mCurrentRowColHint = NS_STYLE_HINT_FRAMECHANGE;
  } else if (aAttribute == nsHTMLAtoms::cols &&
             aNameSpaceID == kNameSpaceID_None) {
    PRInt32 oldCols = mNumCols;
    ParseRowCol(aValue, mNumCols, getter_Transfers(mColSpecs));

    if (mNumCols != oldCols) {
      mCurrentRowColHint = NS_STYLE_HINT_FRAMECHANGE;
  rv = nsGenericHTMLElement::SetAttr(aNameSpaceID, aAttribute, aPrefix,
                                     aValue, aNotify);
  mCurrentRowColHint = NS_STYLE_HINT_REFLOW;
  return rv;

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