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nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp File Reference
#include "nsGlueLinking.h"
#include "nsXPCOMGlue.h"
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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struct  DependentLib




static void AppendDependentLib (void *libHandle)
static void ReadDependentCB (const char *aDependentLib)
GetFrozenFunctionsFunc XPCOMGlueLoad (const char *xpcomFile)
void XPCOMGlueUnload ()
nsresult XPCOMGlueLoadXULFunctions (const nsDynamicFunctionLoad *symbols)


static DependentLibsTop
static voidsXULLibHandle

Class Documentation

struct DependentLib

Definition at line 54 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for DependentLib:
Class Members
HMODULE libHandle
void * libHandle
DependentLib * next

Define Documentation

Definition at line 51 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

Function Documentation

static void AppendDependentLib ( void libHandle) [static]

Definition at line 64 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

    DependentLib *d = new DependentLib;
    if (!d)

    d->next = sTop;
    d->libHandle = libHandle;

    sTop = d;

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static void ReadDependentCB ( const char *  aDependentLib) [static]

Definition at line 77 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

    void *libHandle = dlopen(aDependentLib, RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_LAZY);
    if (!libHandle)


Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 87 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

    char xpcomDir[MAXPATHLEN];
    if (realpath(xpcomFile, xpcomDir)) {
        char *lastSlash = strrchr(xpcomDir, '/');
        if (lastSlash) {
            *lastSlash = '\0';

            XPCOMGlueLoadDependentLibs(xpcomDir, ReadDependentCB);

            snprintf(lastSlash, MAXPATHLEN - strlen(xpcomDir), "/" XUL_DLL);

            sXULLibHandle = dlopen(xpcomDir, RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_LAZY);

    // RTLD_DEFAULT is not defined in non-GNU toolchains, and it is
    // (void*) 0 in any case.

    void *libHandle = nsnull;

    if (xpcomFile[0] != '.' || xpcomFile[1] != '\0') {
        libHandle = dlopen(xpcomFile, RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_LAZY);
        if (libHandle) {

    GetFrozenFunctionsFunc sym =
        (GetFrozenFunctionsFunc) dlsym(libHandle,
                                       LEADING_UNDERSCORE "NS_GetFrozenFunctions");

    if (!sym)

    return sym;

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nsresult XPCOMGlueLoadXULFunctions ( const nsDynamicFunctionLoad *  symbols)

Definition at line 144 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

    // We don't null-check sXULLibHandle because this might work even
    // if it is null (same as RTLD_DEFAULT)

    nsresult rv = NS_OK;
    while (symbols->functionName) {
        char buffer[512];
        snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer),
                 LEADING_UNDERSCORE "%s", symbols->functionName);

        *symbols->function = (NSFuncPtr) dlsym(sXULLibHandle, buffer);
        if (!*symbols->function)

    return rv;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 126 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

    while (sTop) {

        DependentLib *temp = sTop;
        sTop = sTop->next;

        delete temp;

    if (sXULLibHandle) {
        sXULLibHandle = nsnull;

Variable Documentation

DependentLib* sTop [static]

Definition at line 60 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.

void* sXULLibHandle [static]

Definition at line 61 of file nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp.