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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Functions File Reference
#import "NSString+Utils.h"
#include "nsDownloadListener.h"
#include "nsIWebProgress.h"
#include "nsIRequest.h"
#include "nsIURL.h"
#include "netCore.h"

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 NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED4 (nsDownloadListener, CHDownloader, nsIDownload, nsITransfer, nsIWebProgressListener, nsIWebProgressListener2) NS_IMETHODIMP nsDownloadListener

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Definition at line 61 of file

  CreateDownloadDisplay(); // call the base class to make the download UI

  // Note: This forms a cycle, which will be broken in DownloadDone
  mCancelable = aCancelable;

  // This is a file save if the cancelable object is a webbrowserpersist
  nsCOMPtr<nsIWebBrowserPersist> persist(do_QueryInterface(aCancelable));
  SetIsFileSave(persist != NULL);
  mDestination = aTarget;
  mURI = aSource;
  mStartTime = startTime;

  return NS_OK;

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