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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsAppleSingleEncoder.h File Reference
#include <MacTypes.h>
#include <Files.h>
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class  nsAppleSingleEncoder


#define kTransientName   "\pzz__ASEncoder_TMP__zz"
#define kAppleSingleMagicNum   0x00051600
#define kAppleSingleVerNum   0x00020000
#define kNumASEntries   6
#define kConvertTime   1265437696L
#define ERR_CHECK(_func)


pascal void EncodeDirIterateFilter (const CInfoPBRec *const cpbPtr, Boolean *quitFlag, void *yourDataPtr)

Define Documentation

#define ERR_CHECK (   _func)
err = _func;                \
                     if (err != noErr)           \
                            return err;

Definition at line 103 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

#define kAppleSingleMagicNum   0x00051600

Definition at line 98 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

#define kAppleSingleVerNum   0x00020000

Definition at line 99 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

#define kConvertTime   1265437696L

Definition at line 101 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

Definition at line 100 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

#define kTransientName   "\pzz__ASEncoder_TMP__zz"

Definition at line 97 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.h.

Function Documentation

pascal void EncodeDirIterateFilter ( const CInfoPBRec *const  cpbPtr,
Boolean quitFlag,
void yourDataPtr 

Definition at line 140 of file nsAppleSingleEncoder.cpp.

       OSErr                              err = noErr;
       FSSpec                                    currFSp;
       nsAppleSingleEncoder*       thisObj = NULL;
       Boolean                                   isDir = false;
       long                               dummy;
       // param check
       if (!yourDataPtr || !cpbPtr || !quitFlag)
       *quitFlag = false;
       // extract 'this' -- an nsAppleSingleEncoder instance
       thisObj = (nsAppleSingleEncoder*) yourDataPtr;
       // make an FSSpec from the CInfoPBRec*
       err = FSMakeFSSpec(cpbPtr->hFileInfo.ioVRefNum, cpbPtr->hFileInfo.ioFlParID, 
                                          cpbPtr->hFileInfo.ioNamePtr, &currFSp);
       if (err == noErr)
              FSpGetDirectoryID(&currFSp, &dummy, &isDir);
              // if current FSSpec is file
              if (!isDir)
                     // if file has res fork
                     if (nsAppleSingleEncoder::HasResourceFork(&currFSp))
                            // encode file
                     // else if current FSSpec is folder ignore
                     // XXX never reached?

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