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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsAppleSingleDecoder.cpp File Reference
#include "nsAppleSingleDecoder.h"
#include "MoreFilesX.h"

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#define YR_2000_SECONDS   3029529600
#define BUFFER_SIZE   8192


Boolean DecodeDirIterateFilter (Boolean containerChanged, ItemCount currentLevel, const FSCatalogInfo *catalogInfo, const FSRef *ref, const FSSpec *spec, const HFSUniStr255 *name, void *yourDataPtr)

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#define BUFFER_SIZE   8192
#define YR_2000_SECONDS   3029529600

Function Documentation

Boolean DecodeDirIterateFilter ( Boolean  containerChanged,
ItemCount  currentLevel,
const FSCatalogInfo *  catalogInfo,
const FSRef ref,
const FSSpec spec,
const HFSUniStr255 *  name,
void yourDataPtr 

Definition at line 212 of file nsAppleSingleDecoder.cpp.

  FSRef                   outRef;
  nsAppleSingleDecoder   *thisObj;
  Boolean                 isDir;
  // param check
  if (!yourDataPtr || !ref)
    return false;
  // extract 'this' -- an nsAppleSingleDecoder instance
  thisObj = (nsAppleSingleDecoder*) yourDataPtr;
  isDir = nsAppleSingleDecoder::IsDirectory(ref);
  // if current FSRef is file
  if (!isDir)
    // if file is in AppleSingle format
    if (nsAppleSingleDecoder::IsAppleSingleFile(ref))
      // decode file
      thisObj->Decode(ref, &outRef);

  // else current FSRef is folder 

  return false; // always continue iteration

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