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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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Package org.mozilla.xpcom


package  internal


class  GREVersionRange
interface  IAppFileLocProvider
 Used by XPCOM's Directory Service to get file locations. More...
interface  IGRE
interface  IJavaXPCOMUtils
interface  IMozilla
class  INIParser
 A simple parser for INI files. More...
interface  IXPCOM
class  Mozilla
 A singleton class which provides access to the Mozilla browser. More...
class  ProfileLock
class  VersionComparator
 Version strings are dot-separated sequences of version-parts. More...
class  VersionPartTokenizer
 Specialized tokenizer for Mozilla version strings. More...
class  XPCOMInitializationException
class  XPCOMException
 This exception is thrown whenever an internal XPCOM/Gecko error occurs. More...
class  XPCOMPrivate
 This class contains methods that are used by the JavaXPCOM proxy classes. More...