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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Package Mozilla.XPCOM


class  Components
class  InterfaceGenerator
class  BaseProxy
class  ProxyGenerator
struct  XPTType
struct  XPTParamDescriptor
struct  XPTMethodDescriptor
class  TypeInfo
class  CLRWrapper
struct  XPTCMiniVariant
struct  XPTCVariant
class  Invoker

Class Documentation

struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTParamDescriptor

Definition at line 32 of file typeinfo.cs.

Collaboration diagram for Mozilla.XPCOM.XPTParamDescriptor:
Class Members
byte padding1
byte param_flags
XPTType type
struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTMethodDescriptor

Definition at line 40 of file typeinfo.cs.

Class Members
IntPtr args
byte flags
String name
byte numArgs
IntPtr result
struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTCMiniVariant

Definition at line 16 of file xptinvoke.cs.

Class Members
Int32 b
byte c
double d
float f
Int16 i16
Int32 i32
Int64 i64
sbyte i8
IntPtr p
string str
UInt16 u16
UInt32 u32
UInt64 u64
byte u8
char wc
struct Mozilla::XPCOM::XPTCVariant

Definition at line 51 of file xptinvoke.cs.

Collaboration diagram for Mozilla.XPCOM.XPTCVariant:
Class Members
sbyte flags
IntPtr ptr
XPTType type
XPTCMiniVariant val