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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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msgMapi.idl File Reference

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struct  nsMapiFileDesc
struct  nsMapiRecipDesc
struct  nsMapiMessage
interface  nsIMapi


typedef wchar_t LOGIN_PW_TYPE [256]
typedef struct nsMapiFileDesclpnsMapiFileDesc
typedef struct nsMapiRecipDesclpnsMapiRecipDesc
typedef struct nsMapiMessagelpnsMapiMessage

Class Documentation

struct nsMapiFileDesc

Definition at line 47 of file msgMapi.idl.

Class Members
unsigned long flFlags
unsigned char * lpFileType_NotUsed
LPTSTR lpszFileName
LPTSTR lpszPathName
unsigned long nPosition_NotUsed
unsigned long ulReserved
struct nsMapiRecipDesc

Definition at line 58 of file msgMapi.idl.

Class Members
unsigned char * lpEntryID_NotUsed
LPSTR lpszAddress
LPSTR lpszName
unsigned long ulEIDSize_NotUsed
unsigned long ulRecipClass
unsigned long ulReserved
struct nsMapiMessage

Definition at line 68 of file msgMapi.idl.

Collaboration diagram for nsMapiMessage:
Class Members
unsigned long flFlags
lpnsMapiFileDesc lpFiles
lpnsMapiRecipDesc lpOriginator
lpnsMapiRecipDesc lpRecips
LPSTR lpszConversationID_NotUsed
LPSTR lpszDateReceived
LPSTR lpszMessageType
LPSTR lpszNoteText
LPSTR lpszSubject
unsigned long nFileCount
unsigned long nRecipCount
unsigned long ulReserved

Typedef Documentation

typedef wchar_t LOGIN_PW_TYPE[256]

Definition at line 43 of file msgMapi.idl.

typedef struct nsMapiFileDesc * lpnsMapiFileDesc
typedef struct nsMapiMessage * lpnsMapiMessage