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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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morkMap.h File Reference
#include "mork.h"
#include "morkNode.h"
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class  morkMapForm
class  morkAssoc
class  morkMap
class  morkMapIter


#define morkDerived_kMap   /*i*/ 0x4D70 /* ascii 'Mp' */
#define morkMap_kTag   /*i*/ 0x6D4D6150 /* ascii 'mMaP' */


typedef mork_bool(* morkMap_mEqual )(const morkMap *self, morkEnv *ev, const void *inKeyA, const void *inKeyB)
typedef mork_u4(* morkMap_mHash )(const morkMap *self, morkEnv *ev, const void *inKey)
typedef mork_bool(* morkMap_mIsNil )(const morkMap *self, morkEnv *ev, const void *inKey)

Class Documentation

class morkMapForm

Definition at line 76 of file morkMap.h.

Class Members
mork_change mMapForm_DummyChange
mork_bool mMapForm_HoldChanges
mork_bool mMapForm_KeyIsIP
mork_size mMapForm_KeySize
mork_bool mMapForm_ValIsIP
mork_size mMapForm_ValSize
class morkAssoc

Definition at line 137 of file morkMap.h.

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Class Members
morkAssoc * mAssoc_Next

Define Documentation

#define morkDerived_kMap   /*i*/ 0x4D70 /* ascii 'Mp' */

Definition at line 143 of file morkMap.h.

#define morkMap_kTag   /*i*/ 0x6D4D6150 /* ascii 'mMaP' */

Definition at line 145 of file morkMap.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef mork_bool(* morkMap_mEqual)(const morkMap *self, morkEnv *ev, const void *inKeyA, const void *inKeyB)

Definition at line 56 of file morkMap.h.

Definition at line 61 of file morkMap.h.

Definition at line 66 of file morkMap.h.