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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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mimeobj.h File Reference
#include "mimei.h"
#include "prio.h"
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struct  MimeObjectClass
struct  MimeObject


#define MimeObject_grow_obuffer(obj, desired_size)


MimeObjectClass mimeObjectClass

Class Documentation

struct MimeObject

Definition at line 162 of file mimeobj.h.

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Class Members
MimeObjectClass * clazz
PRBool closed_p
char * content_type
PRBool dontShowAsAttachment
char * encoding
MimeHeaders * headers
char * ibuffer
PRInt32 ibuffer_fp
PRInt32 ibuffer_size
char * obuffer
PRInt32 obuffer_fp
PRInt32 obuffer_size
MimeDisplayOptions * options
PRBool output_p
MimeObject * parent
PRBool parsed_p

Define Documentation

#define MimeObject_grow_obuffer (   obj,
(((desired_size) >= (obj)->obuffer_size) ? \
   mime_GrowBuffer ((PRUint32)(desired_size), (PRUint32)sizeof(char), 1024, \
                               &(obj)->obuffer, (PRInt32*)&(obj)->obuffer_size) \
   : 0)

Definition at line 210 of file mimeobj.h.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 159 of file mimeobj.h.