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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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main.c File Reference
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
#include <CoreFoundation/CFPlugInCOM.h>
#include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h>

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#define PLUGIN_ID   "37401ADE-1058-42DB-BBE5-F2AAB9D7C13E"


typedef struct


Boolean GetMetadataForFile (void *thisInterface, CFMutableDictionaryRef attributes, CFStringRef contentTypeUTI, CFStringRef pathToFile)
MetadataImporterPluginTypeAllocMetadataImporterPluginType (CFUUIDRef inFactoryID)
void DeallocMetadataImporterPluginType (MetadataImporterPluginType *thisInstance)
HRESULT MetadataImporterQueryInterface (void *thisInstance, REFIID iid, LPVOID *ppv)
voidMetadataImporterPluginFactory (CFAllocatorRef allocator, CFUUIDRef typeID)
ULONG MetadataImporterPluginAddRef (void *thisInstance)
ULONG MetadataImporterPluginRelease (void *thisInstance)


static MDImporterInterfaceStruct testInterfaceFtbl

Class Documentation

struct __MetadataImporterPluginType

Definition at line 82 of file main.c.

Class Members
MDImporterInterfaceStruct * conduitInterface
CFUUIDRef factoryID
UInt32 refCount

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#define PLUGIN_ID   "37401ADE-1058-42DB-BBE5-F2AAB9D7C13E"

Definition at line 61 of file main.c.

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Definition at line 123 of file main.c.

    MetadataImporterPluginType *theNewInstance;

    theNewInstance = (MetadataImporterPluginType *)malloc(sizeof(MetadataImporterPluginType));

        /* Point to the function table */
    theNewInstance->conduitInterface = &testInterfaceFtbl;

        /*  Retain and keep an open instance refcount for each factory. */
    theNewInstance->factoryID = CFRetain(inFactoryID);

        /* This function returns the IUnknown interface so set the refCount to one. */
    theNewInstance->refCount = 1;
    return theNewInstance;

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Definition at line 150 of file main.c.

    CFUUIDRef theFactoryID;

    theFactoryID = thisInstance->factoryID;
    if (theFactoryID){

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Boolean GetMetadataForFile ( void thisInterface,
CFMutableDictionaryRef  attributes,
CFStringRef  contentTypeUTI,
CFStringRef  pathToFile 

Definition at line 51 of file GetMetadataForFile.c.

    /* Pull any available metadata from the file at the specified path */
    /* Return the attribute keys and attribute values in the dict */
    /* Return TRUE if successful, FALSE if there was no data provided */
  Boolean success;
  CFURLRef fileURL = CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath(kCFAllocatorDefault, pathToFile, kCFURLPOSIXPathStyle, false);
  CFReadStreamRef stream = CFReadStreamCreateWithFile(kCFAllocatorDefault, fileURL);

  CFPropertyListFormat format;
  CFStringRef errorString = NULL;
  CFPropertyListRef ticket = CFPropertyListCreateFromStream(kCFAllocatorDefault,
                             /*streamLength*/ 0,
  if (errorString)
    printf("failed creating property list from stream\n");
    printf("error = %s\n", (const char*) errorString);
    success = FALSE;
    CFTypeRef value;
    value = CFDictionaryGetValue(ticket, kMDItemTitle);
     if (value)
       CFDictionarySetValue(attributes, kMDItemTitle, value);
     value = CFDictionaryGetValue(ticket, kMDItemTextContent);
     if (value)
       CFDictionarySetValue(attributes, kMDItemTextContent, value);
     value = CFDictionaryGetValue(ticket, kMDItemDisplayName);
     if (value)
       CFDictionarySetValue(attributes, kMDItemDisplayName, value);
     CFDateFormatterRef dateFormatter = CFDateFormatterCreate(NULL, NULL, kCFDateFormatterLongStyle, kCFDateFormatterLongStyle);
     value = CFDictionaryGetValue(ticket, kMDItemLastUsedDate);

     if (value && dateFormatter)
       printf("trying to parse date \n");
       CFDateRef curDate = CFDateFormatterCreateDateFromString(NULL, dateFormatter, value, NULL);
       printf("got cur date\n");
       if (curDate)
         CFDictionarySetValue(attributes, kMDItemLastUsedDate, curDate);
     success = TRUE;
  // contents are kMDItemTextContent
  return success;    

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Definition at line 205 of file main.c.

    ((MetadataImporterPluginType *)thisInstance )->refCount += 1;
    return ((MetadataImporterPluginType*) thisInstance)->refCount;
void * MetadataImporterPluginFactory ( CFAllocatorRef  allocator,
CFUUIDRef  typeID 

Definition at line 233 of file main.c.

    MetadataImporterPluginType *result;
    CFUUIDRef                 uuid;

        /* If correct type is being requested, allocate an
         * instance of TestType and return the IUnknown interface.
    if (CFEqual(typeID,kMDImporterTypeID)){
        uuid = CFUUIDCreateFromString(kCFAllocatorDefault,CFSTR(PLUGIN_ID));
        result = AllocMetadataImporterPluginType(uuid);
        return result;
        /* If the requested type is incorrect, return NULL. */
    return NULL;

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Definition at line 217 of file main.c.

    ((MetadataImporterPluginType*)thisInstance)->refCount -= 1;
    if (((MetadataImporterPluginType*)thisInstance)->refCount == 0){
        DeallocMetadataImporterPluginType((MetadataImporterPluginType*)thisInstance );
        return 0;
        return ((MetadataImporterPluginType*) thisInstance )->refCount;

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HRESULT MetadataImporterQueryInterface ( void thisInstance,
REFIID  iid,

Definition at line 167 of file main.c.

    CFUUIDRef interfaceID;

    interfaceID = CFUUIDCreateFromUUIDBytes(kCFAllocatorDefault,iid);

    if (CFEqual(interfaceID,kMDImporterInterfaceID)){
            /* If the Right interface was requested, bump the ref count,
             * set the ppv parameter equal to the instance, and
             * return good status.
        *ppv = thisInstance;
        return S_OK;
        if (CFEqual(interfaceID,IUnknownUUID)){
                /* If the IUnknown interface was requested, same as above. */
            ((MetadataImporterPluginType*)thisInstance )->conduitInterface->AddRef(thisInstance);
            *ppv = thisInstance;
            return S_OK;
                /* Requested interface unknown, bail with error. */
            *ppv = NULL;
            return E_NOINTERFACE;

Variable Documentation

MDImporterInterfaceStruct testInterfaceFtbl [static]