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jsmath.h File Reference
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JSObjectjs_InitMathClass (JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj)


JS_BEGIN_EXTERN_C JSClass js_MathClass

Function Documentation

JSObject* js_InitMathClass ( JSContext cx,
JSObject obj 

Definition at line 502 of file jsmath.c.

    JSObject *Math;

    Math = JS_DefineObject(cx, obj, js_Math_str, &js_MathClass, NULL, 0);
    if (!Math)
        return NULL;
    if (!JS_DefineFunctions(cx, Math, math_static_methods))
        return NULL;
    if (!JS_DefineConstDoubles(cx, Math, math_constants))
        return NULL;
    return Math;

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Definition at line 95 of file jsmath.c.