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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
nsPIWindowWatcher Interface Reference

import "nsPIWindowWatcher.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void addWindow (in nsIDOMWindow aWindow, in nsIWebBrowserChrome aChrome)
 A window has been created.
void removeWindow (in nsIDOMWindow aWindow)
 A window has been closed.
nsIDOMWindow openWindowJS (in nsIDOMWindow aParent, in string aUrl, in string aName, in string aFeatures, in boolean aDialog, in PRUint32 argc, in jsvalptr argv)
 Like the public interface's open(), but can deal with openDialog style arguments.
nsIDocShellTreeItem findItemWithName (in wstring aName, in nsIDocShellTreeItem aRequestor, in nsIDocShellTreeItem aOriginalRequestor)
 Find a named docshell tree item amongst all windows registered with the window watcher.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file nsPIWindowWatcher.idl.

Member Function Documentation

A window has been created.

Add it to our list.

aWindowthe window to add
aChromethe corresponding chrome window. The DOM window and chrome will be mapped together, and the corresponding chrome can be retrieved using the (not private) method getChromeForWindow. If null, any extant mapping will be cleared.
nsIDocShellTreeItem nsPIWindowWatcher::findItemWithName ( in wstring  aName,
in nsIDocShellTreeItem  aRequestor,
in nsIDocShellTreeItem  aOriginalRequestor 

Find a named docshell tree item amongst all windows registered with the window watcher.

This may be a subframe in some window, for example.

aNamethe name of the window. Must not be null.
aRequestorthe tree item immediately making the request. We should make sure to not recurse down into its findItemWithName method.
aOriginalRequestorthe original treeitem that made the request. Used for security checks.
the tree item with aName as the name, or null if there isn't one. "Special" names, like _self, _top, etc, will be treated specially only if aRequestor is null; in that case they will be resolved relative to the first window the windowwatcher knows about.
See also:
findItemWithName methods on nsIDocShellTreeItem and nsIDocShellTreeOwner
nsIDOMWindow nsPIWindowWatcher::openWindowJS ( in nsIDOMWindow  aParent,
in string  aUrl,
in string  aName,
in string  aFeatures,
in boolean  aDialog,
in PRUint32  argc,
in jsvalptr  argv 

Like the public interface's open(), but can deal with openDialog style arguments.

aParentparent window, if any. Null if no parent. If it is impossible to get to an nsIWebBrowserChrome from aParent, this method will effectively act as if aParent were null.
aURLurl to which to open the new window. Must already be escaped, if applicable. can be null.
aNamewindow name from JS can be null. If a window with this name already exists, the openWindow call may just load aUrl in it (if aUrl is not null) and return it.
aFeatureswindow features from JS can be null.
aDialoguse dialog defaults (see nsIDOMWindowInternal::openDialog)
argccount of argv arguments
argvextra JS arguments, if any (see nsIDOMWindowInternal::openDialog)
the new window
This method may examine the JS context stack for purposes of determining the security context to use for the search for a given window named aName.
This method should try to set the default charset for the new window to the default charset of the document in the calling window (which is determined based on the JS stack and the value of aParent). This is not guaranteed, however.

A window has been closed.

Remove it from our list.

aWindowthe window to remove

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