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nsIWritablePropertyBag2 Interface Reference

import "nsIWritablePropertyBag2.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void setPropertyAsInt32 (in AString prop, in PRInt32 value)
void setPropertyAsUint32 (in AString prop, in PRUint32 value)
void setPropertyAsInt64 (in AString prop, in PRInt64 value)
void setPropertyAsUint64 (in AString prop, in PRUint64 value)
void setPropertyAsDouble (in AString prop, in double value)
void setPropertyAsAString (in AString prop, in AString value)
void setPropertyAsACString (in AString prop, in ACString value)
void setPropertyAsAUTF8String (in AString prop, in AUTF8String value)
void setPropertyAsBool (in AString prop, in boolean value)
void setPropertyAsInterface (in AString prop, in nsISupports value)
PRInt32 getPropertyAsInt32 (in AString prop)
PRUint32 getPropertyAsUint32 (in AString prop)
PRInt64 getPropertyAsInt64 (in AString prop)
PRUint64 getPropertyAsUint64 (in AString prop)
double getPropertyAsDouble (in AString prop)
AString getPropertyAsAString (in AString prop)
ACString getPropertyAsACString (in AString prop)
AUTF8String getPropertyAsAUTF8String (in AString prop)
boolean getPropertyAsBool (in AString prop)
void getPropertyAsInterface (in AString prop, in nsIIDRef iid,[iid_is(iid), retval] out nsQIResult result)
 This method returns null if the value exists, but is null.
nsIVariant getProperty (in AString name)
 Get a property value for the given name.

Public Attributes

readonly attribute
 Get a nsISimpleEnumerator whose elements are nsIProperty objects.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file nsIWritablePropertyBag2.idl.

Member Function Documentation

nsIVariant nsIPropertyBag::getProperty ( in AString  name) [inherited]

Get a property value for the given name.

NS_ERROR_FAILUREif a property with that name doesn't exist.
ACString nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsACString ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
AString nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsAString ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
AUTF8String nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsAUTF8String ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
boolean nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsBool ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
double nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsDouble ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
PRInt32 nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsInt32 ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
PRInt64 nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsInt64 ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
void nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsInterface ( in AString  prop,
in nsIIDRef  iid,
[iid_is(iid), retval] out nsQIResult  result 
) [inherited]

This method returns null if the value exists, but is null.

PRUint32 nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsUint32 ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
PRUint64 nsIPropertyBag2::getPropertyAsUint64 ( in AString  prop) [inherited]
void nsIWritablePropertyBag2::setPropertyAsACString ( in AString  prop,
in ACString  value 
void nsIWritablePropertyBag2::setPropertyAsAString ( in AString  prop,
in AString  value 
void nsIWritablePropertyBag2::setPropertyAsAUTF8String ( in AString  prop,
in AUTF8String  value 
void nsIWritablePropertyBag2::setPropertyAsDouble ( in AString  prop,
in double  value 
void nsIWritablePropertyBag2::setPropertyAsInterface ( in AString  prop,
in nsISupports  value 

Member Data Documentation

Get a nsISimpleEnumerator whose elements are nsIProperty objects.

Definition at line 53 of file nsIPropertyBag.idl.

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