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Public Member Functions
nsIWalletService Interface Reference

The nsIWalletService interface provides an API to the wallet service. More...

import "nsIWalletService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void WALLET_PreEdit (out AString walletList)
void WALLET_PostEdit (in AString walletList)
boolean WALLET_ChangePassword ()
void WALLET_DeleteAll ()
unsigned long WALLET_RequestToCapture (in nsIDOMWindowInternal win)
boolean WALLET_Prefill (in boolean quick, in nsIDOMWindowInternal win)
wstring WALLET_PrefillOneElement (in nsIDOMWindowInternal win, in nsIDOMNode elementNode)
void WALLET_PrefillReturn (in AString results)
boolean WALLET_ExpirePassword ()
void WALLET_InitReencryptCallback (in nsIDOMWindowInternal win)
boolean haveData (in nsIPrompt dialog, in string key, in wstring userName)
void WALLET_GetNopreviewListForViewer (out AString aNopreviewList)
void WALLET_GetNocaptureListForViewer (out AString aNocaptureList)
void WALLET_GetPrefillListForViewer (out AString aPrefillList)
void SI_SignonViewerReturn (in AString results)
string WALLET_Encrypt (in wstring text)
wstring WALLET_Decrypt (in string crypt)

Detailed Description

The nsIWalletService interface provides an API to the wallet service.

This is a preliminary interface which will change over time!

Definition at line 59 of file nsIWalletService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIWalletService::haveData ( in nsIPrompt  dialog,
in string  key,
in wstring  userName 
void nsIWalletService::WALLET_PostEdit ( in AString  walletList)
void nsIWalletService::WALLET_PreEdit ( out AString  walletList)

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