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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsISubscribableServer Interface Reference

import "nsISubscribableServer.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void startPopulating (in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in boolean forceToServer)
void startPopulatingWithUri (in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in boolean forceToServer, in string uri)
void stopPopulating (in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow)
boolean setState (in AUTF8String path, in boolean state)
void subscribeCleanup ()
void subscribe (in wstring name)
void unsubscribe (in wstring name)
void commitSubscribeChanges ()
void setIncomingServer (in nsIMsgIncomingServer server)
void addTo (in AUTF8String aName, in boolean addAsSubscribed, in boolean aSubscribable, in boolean aChangeIfExists)
void setAsSubscribed (in AUTF8String path)
void updateSubscribed ()
void setShowFullName (in boolean showFullName)
boolean hasChildren (in AUTF8String path)
boolean isSubscribed (in AUTF8String path)
boolean isSubscribable (in AUTF8String path)
AString getLeafName (in AUTF8String path)
void getChildren (in AUTF8String path, in nsISupportsArray array)
AUTF8String getFirstChildURI (in AUTF8String path)
void setSearchValue (in AString searchValue)

Public Attributes

attribute nsISubscribeListener subscribeListener
attribute char delimiter
readonly attribute boolean supportsSubscribeSearch

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file nsISubscribableServer.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsISubscribableServer::addTo ( in AUTF8String  aName,
in boolean  addAsSubscribed,
in boolean  aSubscribable,
in boolean  aChangeIfExists 
void nsISubscribableServer::getChildren ( in AUTF8String  path,
in nsISupportsArray  array 
AUTF8String nsISubscribableServer::getFirstChildURI ( in AUTF8String  path)
AString nsISubscribableServer::getLeafName ( in AUTF8String  path)
void nsISubscribableServer::setSearchValue ( in AString  searchValue)
boolean nsISubscribableServer::setState ( in AUTF8String  path,
in boolean  state 

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 61 of file nsISubscribableServer.idl.

Definition at line 60 of file nsISubscribableServer.idl.

Definition at line 100 of file nsISubscribableServer.idl.

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