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nsISocketTransportService Interface Reference

import "nsISocketTransportService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsISocketTransport createTransport ([array, size_is(aTypeCount)] in string aSocketTypes, in unsigned long aTypeCount, in AUTF8String aHost, in long aPort, in nsIProxyInfo aProxyInfo)
 Creates a transport for a specified host and port.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file nsISocketTransportService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

nsISocketTransport nsISocketTransportService::createTransport ( [array, size_is(aTypeCount)] in string  aSocketTypes,
in unsigned long  aTypeCount,
in AUTF8String  aHost,
in long  aPort,
in nsIProxyInfo  aProxyInfo 

Creates a transport for a specified host and port.

aSocketTypesarray of socket type strings. null if using default socket type.
aTypeCountspecifies length of aSocketTypes.
aHostspecifies the target hostname or IP address literal of the peer for this socket.
aPortspecifies the target port of the peer for this socket.
aProxyInfospecifies the transport-layer proxy type to use. null if no proxy. used for communicating information about proxies like SOCKS (which are transparent to upper protocols).
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