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Public Member Functions
nsISOAPEncoder Interface Reference

This interface permits encoding of variants. More...

import "nsISOAPEncoder.idl";

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Public Member Functions

nsIDOMElement encode (in nsISOAPEncoding aEncoding, in nsIVariant aSource, in AString aNamespaceURI, in AString aName, in nsISchemaType aSchemaType, in nsISOAPAttachments aAttachments, in nsIDOMElement aDestination)
 Encode the source variant.

Detailed Description

This interface permits encoding of variants.

Definition at line 51 of file nsISOAPEncoder.idl.

Member Function Documentation

nsIDOMElement nsISOAPEncoder::encode ( in nsISOAPEncoding  aEncoding,
in nsIVariant  aSource,
in AString  aNamespaceURI,
in AString  aName,
in nsISchemaType  aSchemaType,
in nsISOAPAttachments  aAttachments,
in nsIDOMElement  aDestination 

Encode the source variant.

aEncodingsThe encodings to be used.
aEncodingStyleURIThe encoding style
aSourceThe variant to be encoded.
aNamespaceURIThe namespace of the thing being coded
aNameThe name of the thing being coded
aSchemaTypeThe schema type of the thing being encoded
aDestinationThe node scope, if any, where the result will live. If this is null, then the result must be explicitly attached to the message.
element which was inserted.
aAttachmentsAccumulates any attachments.

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