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nsIPop3Sink Interface Reference

import "nsIPop3Sink.idl";

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Public Member Functions

boolean BeginMailDelivery (in boolean uidlDownload, in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow)
void endMailDelivery (in nsIPop3Protocol protocol)
void AbortMailDelivery (in nsIPop3Protocol protocol)
voidPtr IncorporateBegin (in string uidlString, in nsIURI aURL, in unsigned long flags)
void IncorporateWrite (in string block, in long length)
void IncorporateComplete (in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in PRInt32 aSize)
void IncorporateAbort (in boolean uidlDownload)
void BiffGetNewMail ()
void SetBiffStateAndUpdateFE (in unsigned long biffState, in long numNewMessages, in boolean notify)
void SetSenderAuthedFlag (in voidPtr closure, in boolean authed)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean userAuthenticated
attribute string mailAccountURL
attribute boolean buildMessageUri
attribute string messageUri
attribute string baseMessageUri
attribute nsIPop3IncomingServer popServer
attribute nsIMsgFolder folder

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Member Function Documentation

boolean nsIPop3Sink::BeginMailDelivery ( in boolean  uidlDownload,
in nsIMsgWindow  msgWindow 
voidPtr nsIPop3Sink::IncorporateBegin ( in string  uidlString,
in nsIURI  aURL,
in unsigned long  flags 
void nsIPop3Sink::SetBiffStateAndUpdateFE ( in unsigned long  biffState,
in long  numNewMessages,
in boolean  notify 
void nsIPop3Sink::SetSenderAuthedFlag ( in voidPtr  closure,
in boolean  authed 

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 51 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 49 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 74 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 48 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 50 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 73 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

Definition at line 47 of file nsIPop3Sink.idl.

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