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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsINNTPNewsgroupList Interface Reference

import "nsINNTPNewsgroupList.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void initialize (in nsINntpUrl runningURL, in nsIMsgNewsFolder newsFolder)
long getRangeOfArtsToDownload (in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in long first_message, in long last_message, in long maxextra, out long real_first_message, out long real_last_message)
void addToKnownArticles (in long first_message, in long last_message)
void initXOVER (in long first_message, in long last_message)
void processXOVERLINE (in string line, out unsigned long status)
void processNonXOVER (in string line)
void resetXOVER ()
void finishXOVERLINE (in long status, out long newstatus)
void clearXOVERState ()

Public Attributes

attribute boolean getOldMessages

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file nsINNTPNewsgroupList.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsINNTPNewsgroupList::addToKnownArticles ( in long  first_message,
in long  last_message 
long nsINNTPNewsgroupList::getRangeOfArtsToDownload ( in nsIMsgWindow  aMsgWindow,
in long  first_message,
in long  last_message,
in long  maxextra,
out long  real_first_message,
out long  real_last_message 
void nsINNTPNewsgroupList::initXOVER ( in long  first_message,
in long  last_message 
void nsINNTPNewsgroupList::processXOVERLINE ( in string  line,
out unsigned long  status 

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 81 of file nsINNTPNewsgroupList.idl.

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