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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsIMsgFilter Interface Reference

import "nsIMsgFilter.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void AddTerm (in nsMsgSearchAttribValue attrib, in nsMsgSearchOpValue op, in nsIMsgSearchValue value, in boolean BooleanAND, in string arbitraryHeader)
void GetTerm (in long termIndex, out nsMsgSearchAttribValue attrib, out nsMsgSearchOpValue op, out nsIMsgSearchValue value, out boolean BooleanAND, out string arbitraryHeader)
void appendTerm (in nsIMsgSearchTerm term)
nsIMsgSearchTerm createTerm ()
void MatchHdr (in nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr, in nsIMsgFolder folder, in nsIMsgDatabase db, in string headers, in unsigned long headerSize, out boolean result)
void logRuleHit (in nsIMsgRuleAction aFilterAction, in nsIMsgDBHdr aHeader)
nsIMsgRuleAction createAction ()
nsIMsgRuleAction getActionAt (in long aIndex)
void appendAction (in nsIMsgRuleAction action)
void clearActionList ()
void getSortedActionList (in nsISupportsArray actionList)

Public Attributes

attribute nsMsgFilterTypeType filterType
attribute boolean temporary
 some filters are "temporary".
attribute boolean enabled
attribute wstring filterName
attribute string filterDesc
attribute string unparsedBuffer
attribute boolean unparseable
readonly attribute nsIMsgFilterList filterList
attribute nsISupportsArray searchTerms
attribute nsIMsgSearchScopeTerm scope
readonly attribute nsISupportsArray actionList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file nsIMsgFilter.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIMsgFilter::AddTerm ( in nsMsgSearchAttribValue  attrib,
in nsMsgSearchOpValue  op,
in nsIMsgSearchValue  value,
in boolean  BooleanAND,
in string  arbitraryHeader 
void nsIMsgFilter::GetTerm ( in long  termIndex,
out nsMsgSearchAttribValue  attrib,
out nsMsgSearchOpValue  op,
out nsIMsgSearchValue  value,
out boolean  BooleanAND,
out string  arbitraryHeader 
void nsIMsgFilter::logRuleHit ( in nsIMsgRuleAction  aFilterAction,
in nsIMsgDBHdr  aHeader 
void nsIMsgFilter::MatchHdr ( in nsIMsgDBHdr  msgHdr,
in nsIMsgFolder  folder,
in nsIMsgDatabase  db,
in string  headers,
in unsigned long  headerSize,
out boolean  result 

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 124 of file nsIMsgFilter.idl.

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Definition at line 103 of file nsIMsgFilter.idl.

some filters are "temporary".

For example, the filters we create when the user filters return receipts to the Sent folder. we don't show temporary filters in the UI and we don't write them to disk.

Definition at line 77 of file nsIMsgFilter.idl.

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