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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsIJRILiveConnectPlugin Interface Reference

nsIJRILiveConnectPlugin More...

import "nsIJRILiveConnectPlugin.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void getJavaClass (in JRIEnvPtr aEnv, out jref aJavaClass)
 Returns the class of the Java instance to be associated with the plugin.

Detailed Description



Originally published XPCOM Plugin API is now deprecated Developers are welcome to use NPAPI, please refer to: The nsIJRILiveConnectPlugin interface defines additional entry points that a plugin developer needs to implement in order for the plugin to support JRI-based LiveConnect, as opposed to the standard JNI-based LiveConnect (which new in 5.0).

Plugin developers requiring this capability should implement this interface in addition to the basic nsIPlugin interface.

Definition at line 65 of file nsIJRILiveConnectPlugin.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Returns the class of the Java instance to be associated with the plugin.

(New JNI-based entry point, roughly corresponds to NPP_GetJavaClass.)

aJavaClass- a resulting reference to the Java class
- NS_OK if this operation was successful

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