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Public Member Functions
nsIInterfaceRequestor Interface Reference

The nsIInterfaceRequestor interface defines a generic interface for requesting interfaces that a given object might provide access to. More...

import "nsIInterfaceRequestor.idl";

Inherits nsISupports.

Inherited by CBrowserChrome, CBrowserImpl, CBrowserImpl, CWebBrowserChrome, CWebBrowserContainer, EmbedWindow, EmbedWindow, EmbedWindow, GeckoContainer, gfxImageFrame, MyNotifications, MyNotifications, MyProgressEventSink, NotificationCallbacks, nsBaseCommandController, nsBrowserWindow, nsChromeTreeOwner, nsComponentManagerImpl, nsContentTreeOwner, nsDocLoader, nsDocShell::InterfaceRequestorProxy, nsDocShellTreeOwner, nsFTPChannel, nsGlobalWindow, nsHttpConnection, nsIncrementalDownload, nsInterfaceRequestorAgg, nsMetricsService::BadCertListener, nsMimeBaseEmitter, nsNSSSocketInfo, nsPACMan, nsPrefetchListener, nsQABrowserChrome, nsQABrowserView, nsSyncLoader, nsUIContext, nsURIChecker, nsURLFetcher, nsWebBrowser, nsWebBrowserChrome, nsWebBrowserPersist, nsXFormsInstanceElement, nsXFormsLabelElement, nsXFormsMessageElement, nsXFormsSubmissionElement, nsXMLDocument, nsXMLHttpRequest, nsXULWindow, PipUIContext, txStylesheetSink, ViewWrapper, WebBrowserChrome, WebBrowserChrome, and XRemoteContentListener.

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Public Member Functions

void getInterface (in nsIIDRef uuid,[iid_is(uuid), retval] out nsQIResult result)
 Retrieves the specified interface pointer.

Detailed Description

The nsIInterfaceRequestor interface defines a generic interface for requesting interfaces that a given object might provide access to.

This is very similar to QueryInterface found in nsISupports. The main difference is that interfaces returned from GetInterface() are not required to provide a way back to the object implementing this interface. The semantics of QI() dictate that given an interface A that you QI() on to get to interface B, you must be able to QI on B to get back to A. This interface however allows you to obtain an interface C from A that may or most likely will not have the ability to get back to A.


Definition at line 57 of file nsIInterfaceRequestor.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIInterfaceRequestor::getInterface ( in nsIIDRef  uuid,
[iid_is(uuid), retval] out nsQIResult  result 

Retrieves the specified interface pointer.

uuidThe IID of the interface being requested.
result[out] The interface pointer to be filled in if the interface is accessible.
NS_OK - interface was successfully returned. NS_NOINTERFACE - interface not accessible. NS_ERROR* - method failure.

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