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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
nsIGenericInterfaceInfoSet Interface Reference

import "nsIGenericInterfaceInfoSet.idl";

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Public Member Functions

XPTParamDescriptorPtr allocateParamArray (in PRUint16 aCount)
 Methods include pointers to param arrays allocated here.
XPTTypeDescriptorPtr allocateAdditionalType (out PRUint16 aIndex)
 Used for type that is in an array.
PRUint16 createAndAppendInterface (in string aName, in nsIIDRef aIID, in PRUint16 aParent, in PRUint8 aFlags, out nsIGenericInterfaceInfo aInfo)
PRUint16 appendExternalInterface (in nsIInterfaceInfo aInfo)
PRUint16 indexOf (in nsIIDRef aIID)
PRUint16 indexOfByName (in string aName)
nsIInterfaceInfo interfaceInfoAt (in PRUint16 aIndex)
nsIInterfaceInfo getInfoForIID (in nsIIDPtr iid)
nsIInterfaceInfo getInfoForName (in string name)
nsIIDPtr getIIDForName (in string name)
string getNameForIID (in nsIIDPtr iid)
nsIEnumerator enumerateInterfaces ()
void autoRegisterInterfaces ()
nsIEnumerator enumerateInterfacesWhoseNamesStartWith (in string prefix)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 70 of file nsIGenericInterfaceInfoSet.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Used for type that is in an array.

Methods include pointers to param arrays allocated here.

nsIIDPtr nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getIIDForName ( in string  name) [inherited]
string nsIInterfaceInfoManager::getNameForIID ( in nsIIDPtr  iid) [inherited]

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