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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsIFreeType2 Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsIFreeType2, including all inherited members.
doneFace(in FT_Face face)nsIFreeType2
doneFreeType(in FT_Library lib)nsIFreeType2
doneGlyph(in FT_Glyph glyph)nsIFreeType2
getCharIndex(in FT_Face face, in FT_ULong charcode)nsIFreeType2
getFirstChar(in FT_Face face, out FT_UInt gindex)nsIFreeType2
getGlyph(in FT_GlyphSlot slot, out FT_Glyph glyph)nsIFreeType2
getKerning(in FT_Face face, in FT_UInt left_glyph, in FT_UInt right_glyph, in FT_UInt kern_mode, out FT_Vector akerning)nsIFreeType2
getNextChar(in FT_Face face, in FT_ULong charcode, out FT_UInt gindex)nsIFreeType2
getSfntTable(in FT_Face face, in FT_Sfnt_Tag tag)nsIFreeType2
glyphCopy(in FT_Glyph source, out FT_Glyph target)nsIFreeType2
glyphGetCBox(in FT_Glyph glyph, in FT_UInt mode, out FT_BBox box)nsIFreeType2
glyphToBitmap(inout FT_Glyph the_glyph, in FT_Render_Mode render_mode, in FT_Vector_p origin, in FT_Bool destroy)nsIFreeType2
glyphTransform(in FT_Glyph glyph, in FT_Matrix_p matrix, in FT_Vector_p delta)nsIFreeType2
imageCacheLookup(in FTC_Image_Cache cache, in FTC_Image_Desc_p desc, in FT_UInt gindex, out FT_Glyph glyph)nsIFreeType2
imageCacheNew(in FTC_Manager manager, out FTC_Image_Cache cache)nsIFreeType2
initFreeType(out FT_Library lib)nsIFreeType2
loadGlyph(in FT_Face face, in FT_UInt gindex, in FT_Int flags)nsIFreeType2
managerDone(in FTC_Manager manager)nsIFreeType2
managerLookupSize(in FTC_Manager manager, in FTC_Font font, out FT_Face face, out FT_Size size)nsIFreeType2
managerNew(in FT_Library lib, in FT_UInt max_faces, in FT_UInt max_sizes, in FT_ULong max_bytes, in FTC_Face_Requester requester, in FT_Pointer req_data, out FTC_Manager manager)nsIFreeType2
newFace(in FT_Library lib, in constCharPtr filename, in FT_Long face_num, out FT_Face face)nsIFreeType2
outlineDecompose(in FT_Outline_p outline, in const_FT_Outline_Funcs_p funcs, in voidPtr p)nsIFreeType2
setCharmap(in FT_Face face, in FT_CharMap charmap)nsIFreeType2
supportsExtFunc(out PRBool res)nsIFreeType2