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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsIExpatSink Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsIExpatSink, including all inherited members.
HandleCDataSection([size_is(aLength)] in wstring aData, in unsigned long aLength)nsIExpatSink
HandleCharacterData([size_is(aLength)] in wstring aData, in unsigned long aLength)nsIExpatSink
HandleComment(in wstring aCommentText)nsIExpatSink
HandleDoctypeDecl(in AString aSubset, in AString aName, in AString aSystemId, in AString aPublicId, in nsISupports aCatalogData)nsIExpatSink
HandleEndElement(in wstring aName)nsIExpatSink
HandleProcessingInstruction(in wstring aTarget, in wstring aData)nsIExpatSink
HandleStartElement(in wstring aName,[array, size_is(aAttsCount)] in wstring aAtts, in unsigned long aAttsCount, in long aIndex, in unsigned long aLineNumber)nsIExpatSink
HandleXMLDeclaration(in wstring aVersion, in wstring aEncoding, in long aStandalone)nsIExpatSink
ReportError(in wstring aErrorText, in wstring aSourceText)nsIExpatSink