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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsIEcho Interface Reference

import "xpctest.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void SetReceiver (in nsIEcho aReceiver)
void SendOneString (in string str)
long In2OutOneInt (in long input)
long In2OutAddTwoInts (in long input1, in long input2, out long output1, out long output2)
string In2OutOneString (in string input)
DOMString In2OutOneDOMString (in DOMString input)
DOMString EchoIn2OutOneDOMString (in DOMString input)
AString In2OutOneAString (in AString input)
AString EchoIn2OutOneAString (in AString input)
AUTF8String In2OutOneUTF8String (in AUTF8String input)
AUTF8String EchoIn2OutOneUTF8String (in AUTF8String input)
ACString In2OutOneCString (in ACString input)
ACString EchoIn2OutOneCString (in ACString input)
void SimpleCallNoEcho ()
void SendManyTypes (in octet p1, in short p2, in long p3, in long long p4, in octet p5, in unsigned short p6, in unsigned long p7, in unsigned long long p8, in float p9, in double p10, in boolean p11, in char p12, in wchar p13, in nsIDPtr p14, in string p15, in wstring p16)
void SendInOutManyTypes (inout octet p1, inout short p2, inout long p3, inout long long p4, inout octet p5, inout unsigned short p6, inout unsigned long p7, inout unsigned long long p8, inout float p9, inout double p10, inout boolean p11, inout char p12, inout wchar p13, inout nsIDPtr p14, inout string p15, inout wstring p16)
void MethodWithNative (in long p1, in voidPtr p2)
void ReturnCode (in long code)
void FailInJSTest (in long fail)
void SharedString ([retval, shared] out string str)
void ReturnCode_NS_OK ()
void ReturnCode_NS_ERROR_NULL_POINTER ()
void ReturnCode_NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED ()
void ReturnCode_NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY ()
nsISupports ReturnInterface (in nsISupports obj)
nsIStackFrame GetStack ()
void SetReceiverReturnOldReceiver (inout nsIEcho aReceiver)
void MethodWithForwardDeclaredParam (in nsITestXPCSomeUselessThing sut)
void PseudoQueryInterface (in nsIIDRef uuid,[iid_is(uuid), retval] out nsQIResult result)
void DebugDumpJSStack ()
void printArgTypes ()
void throwArg ()
void callReceiverSometimeLater ()
void callFunction (in nsITestXPCFunctionCallback callback, in string s)
void callFunctionWithThis (in nsITestXPCFunctionCallback callback, in nsISupports self, in string s)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute short throwInGetter
attribute string aString
attribute PRInt32 SomeValue
const short one = 1
const short five = 5
const short six = 6
const PRUint32 medium = 12345
const PRUint32 big = 0xFFFFFFFF

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file xpctest.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIEcho::callFunctionWithThis ( in nsITestXPCFunctionCallback  callback,
in nsISupports  self,
in string  s 
AString nsIEcho::EchoIn2OutOneAString ( in AString  input)
ACString nsIEcho::EchoIn2OutOneCString ( in ACString  input)
DOMString nsIEcho::EchoIn2OutOneDOMString ( in DOMString  input)
AUTF8String nsIEcho::EchoIn2OutOneUTF8String ( in AUTF8String  input)
long nsIEcho::In2OutAddTwoInts ( in long  input1,
in long  input2,
out long  output1,
out long  output2 
AString nsIEcho::In2OutOneAString ( in AString  input)
ACString nsIEcho::In2OutOneCString ( in ACString  input)
DOMString nsIEcho::In2OutOneDOMString ( in DOMString  input)
AUTF8String nsIEcho::In2OutOneUTF8String ( in AUTF8String  input)
void nsIEcho::MethodWithNative ( in long  p1,
in voidPtr  p2 
void nsIEcho::PseudoQueryInterface ( in nsIIDRef  uuid,
[iid_is(uuid), retval] out nsQIResult  result 
nsISupports nsIEcho::ReturnInterface ( in nsISupports  obj)
void nsIEcho::SendInOutManyTypes ( inout octet  p1,
inout short  p2,
inout long  p3,
inout long long  p4,
inout octet  p5,
inout unsigned short  p6,
inout unsigned long  p7,
inout unsigned long long  p8,
inout float  p9,
inout double  p10,
inout boolean  p11,
inout char  p12,
inout wchar  p13,
inout nsIDPtr  p14,
inout string  p15,
inout wstring  p16 
void nsIEcho::SendManyTypes ( in octet  p1,
in short  p2,
in long  p3,
in long long  p4,
in octet  p5,
in unsigned short  p6,
in unsigned long  p7,
in unsigned long long  p8,
in float  p9,
in double  p10,
in boolean  p11,
in char  p12,
in wchar  p13,
in nsIDPtr  p14,
in string  p15,
in wstring  p16 
void nsIEcho::SharedString ( [retval, shared] out string  str)

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 159 of file xpctest.idl.

const PRUint32 nsIEcho::big = 0xFFFFFFFF

Definition at line 166 of file xpctest.idl.

const short nsIEcho::five = 5

Definition at line 163 of file xpctest.idl.

Definition at line 165 of file xpctest.idl.

const short nsIEcho::one = 1

Definition at line 162 of file xpctest.idl.

const short nsIEcho::six = 6

Definition at line 164 of file xpctest.idl.

Definition at line 160 of file xpctest.idl.

Definition at line 157 of file xpctest.idl.

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