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nsICookieService Interface Reference

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import "nsICookieService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

string getCookieString (in nsIURI aURI, in nsIChannel aChannel)
string getCookieStringFromHttp (in nsIURI aURI, in nsIURI aFirstURI, in nsIChannel aChannel)
void setCookieString (in nsIURI aURI, in nsIPrompt aPrompt, in string aCookie, in nsIChannel aChannel)
void setCookieStringFromHttp (in nsIURI aURI, in nsIURI aFirstURI, in nsIPrompt aPrompt, in string aCookie, in string aServerTime, in nsIChannel aChannel)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean cookieIconIsVisible
 This attribute really doesn't belong on this interface.

Detailed Description


Provides methods for setting and getting cookies in the context of a page load. See nsICookieManager for methods to manipulate the cookie database directly. This separation of interface is mainly historical.

This service broadcasts the following notifications when the cookie list is changed, or a cookie is rejected:

topic : "cookie-changed" broadcast whenever the cookie list changes in some way. there are four possible data strings for this notification; one notification will be broadcast for each change, and will involve a single cookie. subject: an nsICookie2 interface pointer representing the cookie object that changed. data : "deleted" a cookie was deleted. the subject is the deleted cookie. "added" a cookie was added. the subject is the added cookie. "changed" a cookie was changed. the subject is the new cookie. "cleared" the entire cookie list was cleared. the subject is null.

topic : "cookie-rejected" broadcast whenever a cookie was rejected from being set as a result of user prefs. subject: an nsIURI interface pointer representing the URI that attempted to set the cookie. data : none.

Definition at line 78 of file nsICookieService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsICookieService::setCookieString ( in nsIURI  aURI,
in nsIPrompt  aPrompt,
in string  aCookie,
in nsIChannel  aChannel 
void nsICookieService::setCookieStringFromHttp ( in nsIURI  aURI,
in nsIURI  aFirstURI,
in nsIPrompt  aPrompt,
in string  aCookie,
in string  aServerTime,
in nsIChannel  aChannel 

Member Data Documentation

This attribute really doesn't belong on this interface.

CVS blame will tell you why it is here. It remains until we can find a better home for it. Read the source if you want to know what it does :-(

Definition at line 168 of file nsICookieService.idl.

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