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nsIContentFilter Interface Reference

import "nsIContentFilter.idl";

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void notifyOfInsertion (in AString mimeType, in nsIURL contentSourceURL, in nsIDOMDocument sourceDocument, in PRBool willDeleteSelection, inout nsIDOMNode docFragment, inout nsIDOMNode contentStartNode, inout long contentStartOffset, inout nsIDOMNode contentEndNode, inout long contentEndOffset, inout nsIDOMNode insertionPointNode, inout long insertionPointOffset, out boolean continueWithInsertion)
 This notification occurs in an editor during these events:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file nsIContentFilter.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIContentFilter::notifyOfInsertion ( in AString  mimeType,
in nsIURL  contentSourceURL,
in nsIDOMDocument  sourceDocument,
in PRBool  willDeleteSelection,
inout nsIDOMNode  docFragment,
inout nsIDOMNode  contentStartNode,
inout long  contentStartOffset,
inout nsIDOMNode  contentEndNode,
inout long  contentEndOffset,
inout nsIDOMNode  insertionPointNode,
inout long  insertionPointOffset,
out boolean  continueWithInsertion 

This notification occurs in an editor during these events:

  • open of document (once rendered in window but before editable)
  • paste from clipboard
  • drop from mouse
  • insertion of html (such as with "cmd_insertHTML") It provides a hook so the above actions can be canceled or the data can be modified (using standard DOM APIs) or left untouched. The data that results (if any) from all filter callbacks is what will be used for transaction purposes (undo/redo) except for the open event.

The willDeleteSelection parameter is offered for filters who want to handle the insertion themselves and need to handle drag/drop correctly. The flag is true when the editor intends to delete the selection.

Callers who want to cancel all insertion can simply set continueWithInsertion to PR_FALSE and return. Note: If cancellation occurs during the "open" event, the editor will still be available but will be empty.

Callers who want to allow insertion of the data with no changes can simply set continueWithInsertion to PR_TRUE and return.

Callers who want to modify the content (docFragment) being inserted are responsible for updating contentStartNode, contentStartOffset, contentEndNode, and contentEndOffset (if necessary). Callers are responsible for freeing and addref'ing if they want to completely replace any of the DOM nodes passed in.

The location where insertion will occur should be considered an approximation since the editor may need to adjust it if it deletes the selection as part of the event and later determines that insertion point is an empty container which should also be removed (or in other scenarios such as -moz-user-select:none).

In some scenarios the selection will be deleted. If callers choose to adjust the insertion point, they should be careful that the insertion point is not in the current selection.

The contentStartNode and contentEndNode are not necessarily immediate children of the docFragment. Any nodes outside of the range set by contentStartNode and contentEndNode are for context from the source document.

mimeTypethe mimetype used for retrieving data
contentSourceURLlocation where docFragment came from
sourceDocumentdocument where content came from (can be null)
willDeleteSelectiontells hook if selection will/should be deleted
docFragmentfragment of node to be inserted
contentStartNodenode under which content to be inserted begins
contentStartOffsetstart offset within contentStartNode
contentEndNodenode under which content to be inserted ends
contentEndOffsetending offset withing contentEndNode
insertionPointNodelocation where insertion will occur
insertionPointOffsetoffset within node where insertion occurs
continueWithInsertionflag to cancel insertion (if desired)

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