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nsICharsetResolver Interface Reference

import "nsICharsetResolver.idl";

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Public Member Functions

ACString requestCharset (in nsIWebNavigation aWebNavigation, in nsIChannel aChannel, out boolean aWantCharset, out nsISupports aClosure)
 Called to resolve the charset that should be used for parsing the document being loaded from aChannel.
void notifyResolvedCharset (in ACString charset, in nsISupports closure)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file nsICharsetResolver.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsICharsetResolver::notifyResolvedCharset ( in ACString  charset,
in nsISupports  closure 


some implementations may request that they be notified when the charset is actually detected.

charsetthe detected charset
closurethe closre returned by detectCharset() above
ACString nsICharsetResolver::requestCharset ( in nsIWebNavigation  aWebNavigation,
in nsIChannel  aChannel,
out boolean  aWantCharset,
out nsISupports  aClosure 

Called to resolve the charset that should be used for parsing the document being loaded from aChannel.

If the charset cannot be resolved, but the implementation of nsICharsetResolver wants to be notified of the final resolved charset when one is available, it can set wantCharset to true. If this is done, the caller of requestCharset is responsible for calling notifyResovedCharset and passing it the final resolved charset and the closure that requestCharset set.

aWebNavigationthe nsIWebNavigation the document is being loaded in. May be null.
aChannelthe channel the document is coming in from.
aWantCharsetgets set to true if notifyResolvedCharset should be called with the given closure object.
aClosurea resulting object which should be passed to notifyResolvedCharset if wantCharset is set to true.
the resolved charset, or the empty string if no charset could be determined.

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