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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
nsIAddressBook Interface Reference

import "nsIAddressBook.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void newAddressBook (in nsIAbDirectoryProperties aProperties)
void modifyAddressBook (in nsIRDFDataSource aDS, in nsIAbDirectory aParentDir, in nsIAbDirectory aDirectory, in nsIAbDirectoryProperties aProperties)
void deleteAddressBooks (in nsIRDFDataSource aDS, in nsISupportsArray aParentDir, in nsISupportsArray aResourceArray)
void exportAddressBook (in nsIDOMWindow aParentWin, in nsIAbDirectory aDirectory)
void migrate4xAb (in nsIFileSpec aFileSpec, in boolean aMigrating, in boolean aStoreLocAsHome)
 Migrates a 4x ldif address book to our format.
void convertNA2toLDIF (in nsIFileSpec srcFileSpec, in nsIFileSpec dstFileSpec)
 Converts a Netscape NA2 file to an LDIF file.
nsIAddrDatabase getAbDatabaseFromURI (in string URI)
boolean mailListNameExists (in wstring name)
nsIAbCard escapedVCardToAbCard (in string escapedVCardStr)
string abCardToEscapedVCard (in nsIAbCard aCard)
void convert4xVCardPrefs (in string prefRoot, out string escapedVCardStr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file nsIAddressBook.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIAddressBook::convert4xVCardPrefs ( in string  prefRoot,
out string  escapedVCardStr 
void nsIAddressBook::convertNA2toLDIF ( in nsIFileSpec  srcFileSpec,
in nsIFileSpec  dstFileSpec 

Converts a Netscape NA2 file to an LDIF file.

Will only work on Commercial builds.

srcFileSpecThe source file to convert
dstFileSpecThe destination file for the conversion
void nsIAddressBook::migrate4xAb ( in nsIFileSpec  aFileSpec,
in boolean  aMigrating,
in boolean  aStoreLocAsHome 

Migrates a 4x ldif address book to our format.

aFileSpecThe source file to import
aMigratingIf PR_TRUE then the preferences are not created for the address book. If PR_FALSE, then the preferences will be created for the address book.
aStoreLocAsHomeIf PR_TRUE then the location will be stored as the home address, otherwise it will be stored as the company address.

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