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imgIDecoder Interface Reference

imgIDecoder interface More...

import "imgIDecoder.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void init (in imgILoad aLoad)
 Initalize an image decoder.
void close ()
 Closes the stream.
void flush ()
 Flushes the stream.
unsigned long writeFrom (in nsIInputStream inStr, in unsigned long count)
 Writes data into the stream from an input stream.

Detailed Description

imgIDecoder interface

Stuart Parmenter
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Definition at line 53 of file imgIDecoder.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Closes the stream.

Flushes the stream.

Initalize an image decoder.

aRequestthe request that owns the decoder.
The decode should QI aLoad to an imgIDecoderObserver and should send decoder notifications to the request. The decoder should always pass NULL as the first two parameters to all of the imgIDecoderObserver APIs.
unsigned long imgIDecoder::writeFrom ( in nsIInputStream  inStr,
in unsigned long  count 

Writes data into the stream from an input stream.

Implementer's note: This method is defined by this interface in order to allow the output stream to efficiently copy the data from the input stream into its internal buffer (if any). If this method was provide as an external facility, a separate char* buffer would need to be used in order to call the output stream's other Write method.

fromStreamthe stream from which the data is read
countthe maximun number of bytes to write
aWriteCount out parameter to hold the number of bytes written. if an error occurs, the writecount is undefined

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