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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
calIFreeBusyService Interface Reference

This service acts as a central access point for free-busy lookup. More...

import "calIFreeBusyProvider.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void addProvider (in calIFreeBusyProvider aProvider)
 Adds a new free-busy provider.
void removeProvider (in calIFreeBusyProvider aProvider)
 Removes a free-busy provider.
calIOperation getFreeBusyIntervals (in AUTF8String aCalId, in calIDateTime aRangeStart, in calIDateTime aRangeEnd, in unsigned long aBusyTypes, in calIGenericOperationListener aListener)
 Gets free/busy intervals.

Detailed Description

This service acts as a central access point for free-busy lookup.

A free-busy request will be multiplexed to all added free-busy providers. Adding a free-busy provider is transient.

Definition at line 131 of file calIFreeBusyProvider.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Adds a new free-busy provider.

calIOperation calIFreeBusyProvider::getFreeBusyIntervals ( in AUTF8String  aCalId,
in calIDateTime  aRangeStart,
in calIDateTime  aRangeEnd,
in unsigned long  aBusyTypes,
in calIGenericOperationListener  aListener 
) [inherited]

Gets free/busy intervals.

Results are notified to the passed listener interface.

aCalIdcalid or MAILTO:rfc822addr
aRangeStartstart time of free-busy search
aRangeEndend time of free-busy search
aBusyTypeswhat free-busy intervals should be returned
aListenercalled with an array of calIFreeBusyInterval objects
optional operation handle to track the operation

Removes a free-busy provider.

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