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calICalendarViewController Interface Reference

import "calICalendarViewController.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void createNewEvent (in calICalendar aCalendar, in calIDateTime aStartTime, in calIDateTime aEndTime)
 Create an event, with an optional start time and optional end time in the given Calendar.
void modifyOccurrence (in calIItemBase aOccurrence, in calIDateTime aNewStartTime, in calIDateTime aNewEndTime, in AString aNewTitle)
 Modify aOccurrence.
void deleteOccurrences (in PRUint32 aCount,[array, size_is(aCount)] in calIItemBase aOccurrences, in boolean aUseParentItems, in boolean aDoNotConfirm)
 Delete all events in the given array.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file calICalendarViewController.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Create an event, with an optional start time and optional end time in the given Calendar.

The Calendar will be the displayCalendar set on the View which invokes this method on the controller, or null, if the views wish to delegate the choice of the calendar to the controller.

If neither aStartTime or aEndTime are given, the user wants to create a generic event with no information prefilled.

If aStartTime is given and is a date, the user wants to create an all day event, optionally a multi-all-day event if aEndTime is given (and is also a date).

If aStartTime is given and is a time, but no aEndTime is given, the user wants to create an event starting at aStartTime and of the default duration. The controller has the option of creating this event automatically or via the dialog.

If both aStartTime and aEndTime are given as times, then the user wants to create an event going from aStartTime to aEndTime.

void calICalendarViewController::deleteOccurrences ( in PRUint32  aCount,
[array, size_is(aCount)] in calIItemBase  aOccurrences,
in boolean  aUseParentItems,
in boolean  aDoNotConfirm 

Delete all events in the given array.

If more than one event is passed, this will prompt whether to delete just this occurrence or all occurrences. All passed events will be handled in one transaction, i.e undoing this will make all events reappear.

aCountThe number of events in the array
aOccurrencesAn array of Items/Occurrences to delete
aUseParentItemsIf set, each occurrence will have its parent item deleted.
aDoNotConfirmIf set, the events will be deleted without confirmation.
void calICalendarViewController::modifyOccurrence ( in calIItemBase  aOccurrence,
in calIDateTime  aNewStartTime,
in calIDateTime  aNewEndTime,
in AString  aNewTitle 

Modify aOccurrence.

If aNewStartTime and aNewEndTime are given, update the event to those times. If aNewTitle is given, modify the title of the item. If no parameters are given, ask the user to modify.

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